Guess which hand

Guess which hand Kids know the drill: Two hands are closed, and there’s something hidden in one palm. Which hand is it? This novelty board book brings the classic guessing game to life in a playful new way! Children turn an interactive “wheel” to hide a variety of objects (a bone, fish, ladybug, flower, and […]

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King of boredom

King of Boredom Ben is thin and pale, always bored, and never has any fun. His favorite color is gray, his favorite dish is plain pasta, and when he has spare time, he loves staring into space. He gets bored no matter the season of the year, the weather, or the position. He is so

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Super play

Super play In this story, Zain and his friend, Leo, are in the school playground arguing over who is going to get to be the superhero, Lightman. Unfortunately, the disagreement ends up ruining the cape they both want to wear. The teacher finds a way for them both to be Lightman! Using the world’s largest

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Spiky Spiky lives in the dark of the forest, where he spends his days being very, very bad, bullying the other forest creatures and sharpening the spikes on his body. Those spikes are handy for keeping everybody at a distance, and that’s just how Spiky likes it! But then one day the unthinkable happens: Spiky starts losing

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